Accelerated Sale Assistance Program (ASAP)

Selling your property just got ridiculously simple. Why? Because of Our Accelerated Sale Assistance Program, ASAP. We work with private investors and some of the largest Residential Real Estate Investment Trusts, RREITS, in the United States Blackstone, Colony Capital, and Warren Buffets’ Berkshire Hathaway.They’ve changed real estate investing forever, because they buy for top dollar, homes just like yours, and hold them for the long term!

So, if you haven’t been able to sell your home for whatever reason, call the experts at IRA Real Estate and get on the fast track. Our Accelerated Sale Assistance Program, ASAP can help.


14-Day “AS IS” Quick Sale*

Complete Property Clean-Out

Professional Resource Team

ASAP has helped many homeowners get the money they need to move on with their lives. We’ve even been able to assist with problems other real estate agents said couldn’t be done. That’s because we have nearly thirty years of in the “foxhole” experience in the specialized field of real estate investment. We can help even if:

The house is vacant and rundown

The property has a delinquent or “Reverse” mortgage

There are minimal assets in the estate

The mortgage is “underwater”

The property is threatened with foreclosure**

We are “the professionals” that professionals (agents and attorneys) use when they get stuck with a problem property. We’ve helped so many others with our Accelerated Sale Assistance Program, let us help you. Complete the Inquiry Form here or give us a call, the consultation is free and there is no further obligation. We will explain ASAP and why it might make sense for you.

*Based on the current market valuation or appraisal.
**We do not buy properties. We facilitate sales to RREIT’s and Private buyers that pay premium prices.

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