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Now is the time to “rebuild” your wealth in strategic real estate investments. IRA Real Estate is the brokerage that can help you do just that. We only work with real estate investors. We speak the language and know the business inside and out. Our services are designed for individuals that are serious about growing wealth through real estate. Real estate is still the best investment on earth!

As “specialists” in investment real estate we offer many services that you just can’t get from traditional real estate firms! An example is spelled out in our name, IRA. If you have an Individual Retirement Account or 401-K, we can help you utilize those plans to invest in high yielding real estate vehicles. Our goal is to minimize your risk and maximize your return. Our expertise, experience, and just plain “get it done” attitude has helped many of our clients secure their financial futures. We would like to help you too.

 A list of our services includes

We help you determine if it makes sense to use your retirement funds to invest in high performing real estate vehicles. We’ve done this effectively for years and worked with many custodians and administrators. We help you take the guess work out of this very important decision so that you maximize your retirement funds.

A client may have a particular deal in mind but may need help with the analysis and structuring of the deal. They may need assistance with financing or creating an LLC to purchase the property. Their experience and resources are limited so they must supplement those with the resources, skills, and expertise of licensed professionals that know how to get the job done. In cases like this our Strategic Consulting Services provide the solution to the problem.

You can’t get the deal done unless you can get the financing. IRA Real Estate, LLC excels in helping our clients get the funds they need to close. We have private money lenders, private investors with cash, and conventional sources that are eager to lend money to our clients. There’s nobody like us, with the resources and the experience to “show you the money.” We have private project financing and our client resources become your resources.

A Strategic Real Estate Investment Plan™ is similar to a financial management plan done by CPA’s and financial planners for stocks and mutual funds, but it’s done solely for real estate investments. And, it must be done by professionals experienced in the many different facets of real estate investments.

Real estate investments come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. One size does not fit all. You’ve got to know what works for you and what doesn’t. But, you’re new, and you don’t have a clue as to what to do first. The professionals at IRA Real Estate do, and that’s where you start!

Our process is simple. First, at our initial meeting, we ask the relevant questions. You explain to us your goals. You tell us more about your resources and skills. We use our experience and knowledge of real estate investments to help you hone in on investments that suit your needs and disposition. There’s no hit or miss or spending a lot of money and time trying to find your niche. With a personalized and tailored Strategic Real Estate Investment Plan™ you get started right, right from the start.

Many people “think” that they want to invest in real estate because it seems easy and glamorous. It’s not easy! Real estate investing takes hard work, skill and access to resources that most people don’t have. But, if you have those things, real estate investing is the surest way to wealth. Any effective real estate investment training must “incorporate” a real and practical method of learning. We can help and we have a proven method to learn for new investors! Call our office to learn what it takes to really get started in real estate investing.

Real estate investing is hyper-competitive and good deals may be hard to come by unless you know where to look. We are constantly in the marketplace with proven techniques to garner deals for our clients. We also have a “network” of literally thousands of investors that we are connected too.

Once we know what a particular client needs we use all our resources and skills to find real estate investments that meet their criteria. Just one deal can generate tens of thousands of dollars in profit for our client. Examples are available upon request.

If you’re selling an investment property our service provides you with the greatest market exposure possible. We utilize traditional sources such as the real estate MLS, but also market to our network of active investors. We understand what it takes to sell your property quickly and can consult on marketing strategy and property “staging.” We speak the language of investors, know the market, and know how to get it sold. As an investor that’s your bottom line and it’s ours also.

Because our clients come with different needs and expectations, we offer our services on an A la Carte basis. One size does not fit all in real estate investing. Our services are designed with that in mind. You pick and choose what services you need and that’s what you get. You can be confident that whatever you need regarding a real estate investing scenario, we are able to provide the resources to close, and/or have access to others that will be able to do so.

Our confidence is due to our experience and success. We know real estate investing! Isn’t it time you got to know us?

Deal analysis helps our clients to determine if the deal is good, bad, or ugly! It’s important that clients understand how much money they stand to make or lose before they sign on the dotted line. Acquisition, financing, carrying, and resell costs are all factors in this analysis. Real numbers based on legitimate market data analysis is also an essential aspect of this evaluation. Competent deal analysis is key to your success.

Deal structuring blends experience, knowledge, and creativity to maximize our clients returns and minimize their risks. “There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” is especially true when it comes to real estate investing. With our skills and resources we put the accumulated expertise of literally “decades” of know-how at our clients’ fingertips. Our client’s pay us to find solutions to their real property problems and we can safely say, we do that better than anyone else in this business.

If you’re looking for real estate deals, we know where they are! We have the best trained agents and the largest network of sellers in our area. To put it modestly we are a real estate deal magnet. Let us attract some monster deals for you.

Selling real estate is both science and art. It takes experience and market savvy to be effective. There is no substitute for either. Our agents have both and when we sell your properties you get the complete package. We offer neighborhood analysis, competitive pricing analysis, proper “staging” techniques and much more.

If you’re like the average person, real estate is the cornerstone of your financial well-being. Our services and programs can help you build on that foundation. Our initial consultation is absolutely FREE. At that face-to-face meeting we determine your goals, resources, and aptitude. We then help you build on them. There is no future obligation on your part whatsoever. Give us a call today, we’re ready, willing, and able to help you secure your financial future.

 The Best Real Estate Investing Plan…is the one personalized for you!

Do you want to succeed as a real estate investor? Let us help you complete a realistic and executable plan, a Strategic Real Estate Investment Plan™. This is your very own tailor-made roadmap to success. We will help you define your goals, identify your resources, and tap into the licensed professionals that will assist you in locating, analyzing, and closing your deals. Remember, real estate is a business, and every business that is successful starts with a plan. You must plan on success, there is no other way to attain it.


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