Sage Advice for Thirty-Something Real Estate Investors

Sage Advice for Thirty-Something Real Estate Investors

Lying? Rear view of man in formalwear keeping fingers crossed behind his back while three people sitting on backgroundYou’re climbing the “hill of success” with more life ahead of you than behind you. Spouse, kids, car payment(s), house note, and the list goes on. Yet, you’re optimistic, and the possibilities seem endless. Then you get a call from an old college friend on the fast track like you are. She cries in the phone, “I lost my job.” Or you meet a work buddy and he opines over his third beer, “My wife wants a divorce.”

As you listen the range of emotions stir like a cocktail inside you. Compassion, shock, fear and finally relief that it’s not you. That thought lingers too long for your comfort and rings in your ear like a melody you can’t get rid of. After you place the phone down or pay the cabby in advance for delivering your intoxicated friend home safely, you determine that your story will be different. But how! Yes how?

The light goes off in your head, real estate. You recall your uncle Willie who drove a bus all his life, but who lived better in retirement than he had while he was working. And, at his funeral Auntie June only dabbed the tears from her eyes, not boohooing like some widows. Why? She knew that the five houses he owned free and clear would provide for her the rest of her days!

Hmmm, if Uncle Willie could do what he did on a fraction of what you make, what could you do? That thought excites you and you quickly set the “record button” to tape the next segment of Flip This House (click for reviews) . Then you Google to find when the next real estate investing seminar is coming to town. Right move? You’ve got this you think; what could be easier? Wrong!

You’re a professional. You studied long and hard to earn your credentials and even with all of that you still weren’t quite prepared for your first “real” job. So, what makes you think that a television program or a weekend seminar could teach you what you really need to know to succeed in real estate? Sounds incredulous doesn’t it? It is!

The truth is every business that you know uses professionals, licensed professionals, that have experience and training. The mechanic that works on your car and the beautician that does your hair are all licensed and certified to do what they do. Your trust is backed up with the fact that they are recognized by the licensing authority of your state with severe penalties for breaching their fiduciary duties. The same is true for doctors, attorneys, and accountants.

Those professionals handle your health and your wealth. You would never consider a non-licensed “quack” to advise you on a health issue. You demand the best. So, why trust your future, your hard earned money, to non-licensed promoters who don’t know your market and are probably lying about what they’ve done? Illogical, absurd, yes, it is.

So, what do you do? You know you can do this. You have the smarts, the drive, and the resources. What would a college educated person do in a case like this? The light bulb goes on again! Seek competent licensed professionals that can help you develop a plan of action and then help you execute your plan, professionals in your area, who you can meet with, have lunch with, look them in the eye and get to know. Wow, that wasn’t so hard.

Well, you pause because you can’t recall any agent that you’ve met that does exactly what you want done, and you’ve known quite a few, including Wendy, who helped you buy your house. She was licensed but definitely not an expert with investment real estate. While you’re pondering your next step, may I humbly offer you a suggestion?

You’re right, you can invest in real estate and be financially sound now and in retirement. And you’re right, you’ve got to start with a plan that identifies your goals, resources, and key professionals. Who do we recommend?

IRA Real Estate, LLC – The Real Estate Investment Specialists! but don’t just take our advice unchecked. Take a look at our successful deals and sign up and review our Deconstructed Deals on our blog. You’ll see deals being done in the real world, the world you live in and know, not the world of television and seminars. When you’re comfortable, call our office and set up a consultation with one of our expert licensed agents. It’s free. Wow, that wasn’t so hard!