IRA Real Estate LLC
The Real Estate Investment Specialists!


Helping people take control of their financial futures as strategic real estate investors

To translate Americans’ real estate investment goals into reality by using licensed professionals to provide innovative and service based real estate programs

Real estate investing is a business; real estate investing is serious business! In order to succeed the layperson needs to work with licensed professionals. Your stockbroker, accountant, and certified financial planner are all licensed professionals that help you manage and acquire wealth. Real estate investors should have the same qualified, licensed, and experienced professionals working for them.

How is IRA Real Estate, LLC Different from Other Brokerages?

It’s important to state that IRA Real Estate, LLC IS a licensed real estate brokerage. Our agents can perform ALL the functions of the typical real estate agent at any other brokerage. However, we choose to use our experience and expertise to give average American’s the ability to invest in real estate by strategic planning and utilizing licensed real estate professionals.

Let’s discuss some relevant statistics:

  1. 80% of buyers and sellers search the Internet to locate agents and properties
  2. 10% of buyers or sellers use the same agent once in their lifetime

These trends have been consistent over years and are expected to remain so. Clearly real estate consumers and their needs and expectations have evolved. The industry has by and large remained stagnant with some notable exceptions. IRA Real Estate, LLC has taken some of the valuable improvements and incorporated them into a functioning and very profitable model.


Specialization means more profit. Working with investors provides many advantages over traditional real estate firms.

  1. Investors don’t need all the “hand-holding” that the average homebuyer or seller requires. Their motivations are different. They are propelled by the profit motive and their loyalty is to the professionals that help them make money.
  2. So, investors are repeat clients. They can have a long-term commitment to the same agent, purchasing or selling many properties. One agent can work with one client for a decade or more.
  3. Investors don’t expect their agent’s to sit behind a desk in an office. They understand that the deals are on the “street.” This means a “virtual-office” model is perfect for them.
  4. Investors will pay “hourly” for an agent’s expertise, resources, and experience. Many real estate opportunities are problems that need to be resolved. The agent that can resolve a real estate problem, structure a real estate deal, minimize risk and maximize profit is a valuable and quantifiable asset to real estate investors.
  5. Real estate investors have a “coherent” interest – making money! That translates into a ready market that is motivated to work with specialized, competent, and licensed professionals.

 The Best Real Estate Investing Method… Ever!

In The Best Real Estate Investing Method…Ever! author N. Xavier Arnold explains how the varied experiences of his life led him to develop his trademarked investment strategies. Licensed as a real estate broker and real estate appraiser for over two decades, Arnold learned it doesn’t take a fortune to invest in real estate, just hard work and savvy. As a successful businessman, he wrote down the lessons he learned, molded them into a comprehensive method, and now offers to share this method with others. While Arnold has written two best-selling novels, this is his first non-fiction business book.


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