How to Sell Real Estate and NOT PAY TAXES A True Story

How to Sell Real Estate and NOT PAY TAXES A True Story

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Using Starker Exchanges and Roth IRAs for real estate investing can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes allowing you to have more for retirement!

“What Can I Do?”

Yvette wasn’t your “typical” real estate investor. A single African-American female with an advanced degree stationed in Hawaii, her dad left her a DC property as part of his estate. It had no mortgage on it and it was in a great location. She would easily net a quarter-million dollars on the sale. She was just weeks away from retirement, returning to the “mainland” and shopping for her dream home. She was preparing for her golden years and she was excited!

Everything was looking rosy until she learned that by selling her house in DC she would be hit with a capital gains tax of nearly $100,000!  That meant that she’d have to pay the IRS almost half of what she made. She’d given 30+ years to Uncle Sam as a loyal employee. She had gone to places with names she couldn’t even pronounce. She’d foregone romantic entanglements for country and career. She’d made enough sacrifices. She had earned her retirement, her dream home, and her golden years. It wasn’t fair. She panicked and literally screamed to us, “What can I do?”

Options Exist

As real estate investment professionals we were confronted with that same dilemma often. Most real estate investors have other careers and are working people. They earn their money by working for it day after day, one day at a time. They are average people with average lives. They aren’t experts in creative real estate investment techniques and tax mitigation strategies. Thankfully, we are.

We understood Yvette’s pain and fortunately we had an answer for her, an answer that would save her $100,000. Her eyes glistened with hope as she listened.

We explained to her how 1031 Exchanges aka Starker Exchanges, work. Then we helped her purchase her dream retirement home with the proceeds from her investment property sale and saved her $100,000 in the process.

Tax Free Real Estate Investments!

Let’s take a look at how using a Roth IRA for real estate investment can help you accumulate tax-free retirement savings. Establishing a Roth IRA allows individuals to pay “minimal” taxes now on contributions made to their Roth retirement account but when they take those funds out, the money can be TAX FREE!*  If you fund your Roth IRA with say, a $100,000 by rolling over an old 401(k) or converting funds from you Traditional IRA, you would be taxed now on that $100,000. Now let’s say you then invested your Roth funds in real estate and over time the value of that investment grew to $1,000,000.  After certain conditions are met you would be able to take that  $1,000,000 out of the account – tax free! Yes, the distribution would be 100% exempt from taxes!

Our mission is simple:

To translate Americans’ real estate investment goals into reality by using licensed professionals to provide innovative and service based real estate programs.

Our specialization, experience and resources make us uniquely qualified to fulfill our mission better than any other real estate brokerage in America. Our skills allow us to help our clients maximize their real estate investments — one property at a time.

Using Starker Exchanges and Roth IRAs for real estate investing can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes allowing you to have more for retirement!

You ask, why aren’t more people doing this? We think that’s the wrong question! The question is why aren’t you doing it?  This is especially true when you can catapult your savings into the stratosphere with strategic real estate investments. Added to that is the fact that you have competent, reliable, and licensed professionals who are experts in all things real estate investment, and are eager to help you make money!

You may currently be in a situation where you want to, or need to, sell your real estate and use the proceeds to supplement your retirement income, to purchase another property, or for any other personal reason.  If you are ready to sell, you need to know that you can easily save tens of thousands of dollars by structuring your real estate transaction to your advantage and not the governments. One thing is for certain; you can better spend your own money than the IRS.

Let’s summarize some of the benefits of smartly structuring your real estate investments.

#1 – Real estate investing receives the most favorable tax treatment by the government of any investment for the average American.

#2 – Real estate is a tangible asset that allows purchasers to evaluate each investment up close and personally.

#3 – Real estate investment opportunities are abundant with average returns that are higher than stocks and bonds.

#4 – By developing a strategic plan and working with expert professionals, real estate is the safest and most secure investment on earth!

How to Start?

Take the first step and make the call to our office to find out how to get started. There is no obligation and the cost is free. We want to help you grow wealth, let us!