our Professionals

Realtors working at IRA have varied backgrounds with expertise in all fields of real estate – mortgage lending, appraisal, title work, construction, and property investment. This combined wealth of experiences makes IRA Real Estate a unique, one-of-a-kind, real estate brokerage. We only work for investors and use our skills and expertise to help our clients grow wealth in real estate.

As a licensed real estate brokerage we can perform all the typical “house hunting” services that unspecialized more traditional firms perform – Long & Foster, Re-Max, Cetury-21, and Keller Williams, for example. But we aren’t “traditional”! We are a new breed.  Our specialty is investment real estate. Our agents are dedicated, expert, specialists, trained to work with investors by successful investors.

If you want to shop for a house to live in for yourself, we can’t help you. If you’re looking to grow your retirement nest egg or just make extra income by investing in real estate, we’re the company to call. We know the market. We know the business, and we’re the best at what we do.

We dare you to name our competition. Take a minute. Did you come up with any names? We told you! IRA Real Estate, LLC – The Real Estate Investment Specialists! Take the opportunity to look over some of our successful deals, and then call our office to get started.

 The Best Real Estate Investing Plan…is the one personalized for you!

Do you want to succeed as a real estate investor? Let us help you complete a realistic and executable plan, a Strategic Real Estate Investment Plan™. This is your very own tailor-made roadmap to success. We will help you define your goals, identify your resources, and tap into the licensed professionals that will assist you in locating, analyzing, and closing your deals. Remember, real estate is a business, and every business that is successful starts with a plan. You must plan on success, there is no other way to attain it.


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