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Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Anne Arundel County, MD

Anne Arundel County, MD

Howard County, MD

Howard County, MD

Pr. George's County, MD

Pr. George's County, MD

Montgomery County, MD

Montgomery County, MD



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IRA Real Estate, LLC

The Real Estate Investment Specialists”

Now is the time to “rebuild” your wealth by strategic real estate investments. IRA Real Estate is the brokerage that can help you do just that. We only work with real estate investors. We speak the language and know the business inside and out. Our services are designed for individuals that are serious about growing wealth through real estate. Real estate is still the best investment on earth!

As “specialists” in investment real estate we offer many services that you just can’t get from traditional real estate firms! An example is spelled out in our name, IRA. If you have an Individual Retirement Account or 401-K, we can help you utilize those plans to invest in high yielding real estate vehicles. Our goal is to minimize your risk and maximize your return. Our expertise, experience, and just plain “get it done” attitude has helped many of our clients secure their financial futures. We would like to help you too. A list of our services includes.

 ·Strategic Real Estate Planning

·IRA/401-K Self-Directing

·Acquisition (Buyer Brokerage)


·Property Liquidation

·Private Project Financing

·Investor Training**

 If you’re like the average person real estate is the cornerstone of your financial well-being. Our services and programs can help you build on that foundation. Our initial consultation is absolutely FREE. At that face-to-face meeting we determine what your goals, resources, and aptitude are and how we can help you build on them. There is no future obligation on your part whatsoever. That being said, give us a call today, we’re ready, willing, and able to help you secure your financial future.


I’m Your Shortcut ...

Let me explain exactly what I mean.   Real estate investing is not get rich quick, but there are “shortcuts ...
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